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Whether you are considering purchasing an aircraft, have paid sales tax on a recent aircraft purchase, or are contacted by the Board to audit your transaction, you should contact us immediately.

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In Our
Client's Words

“I want to let you know that we are very pleased with the efficient, professional handling of our account over the past year since our acquisition of the aircraft. Thank you very much for providing us with excellent representation through your Transaction Analysis Program. I would highly recommend the program to anyone making an aircraft acquisition. Best wishes to you and your staff for continued success.”

Eugene J. Micek, CEO
Flightline Aviation, Inc.

"I’m pleased to write this letter strongly endorsing the outstanding and professional services and representation Associated Sales Tax Consultants provided to our mutual client in successfully qualifying a twin-engine business airplane for the interstate exemption with the Board of Equalization. You worked closely with me, and the client, in a collaborative effort that demonstrated your expertise in both the applicable California and Federal law and in the administrative process of the State Board. Your representation was forthright, very thorough, and always based on the highest ethical standards consistent with properly representing the client’s interests."

DH Law Corporation

"We appreciated the patience and thoroughness with which the Associated Sales Tax Consultants' staff explained all of the important details of our case. One of the most stressful aspects of working with state tax officials is the feeling that 'what you don't know will hurt you'. The rules are not straightforward, and are subject to interpretation. Since the Board wrote the rules, and can 'interpret' them to suit their own current agendas, taxpayers must arm themselves with the kind of information that can only come from experience. ASTC has the experience, coupled with a helpful attitude that is quite comforting in the midst of a naturally stressful situation."

K.Z., president of a marketing consulting firm

"I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and Associated Sales Tax Consultants for your promptness and professionalism in handling the tax audit that we had with the Board. As a businessman, we are continually plagued with government interventions that take us away from the time that is needed to successfully run our business. I would recommend your firm to anyone that needs tax assistance with the Board."

Fred Eastman, General Partner, Tower Foods